weekly bible reading     

May 28- june 2               

This week we will complete Genesis Chapter 42.  We will read about the interaction between Joseph and his brothers (who still do not recognize him).  His bothers’ guilt for how they treated him and Reubens’ plea to Jacob to take Benjamin on a road trip to Egypt.
Sunday: Genesis 42: 19-20 – After Joseph releases his brothers from custardy he changes his request for them to prove they were honest men. How was this request different from the first request?

Monday: Genesis 42: 21-22 – As the brothers discuss their plight they immediately know that this is a result of their guilt concerning their brother Joseph? How did they describe their recollection of Joseph’s reaction to what they had done to him? What exactly did they do to Joseph? (hint Genesis 37:18-20, 22-24,28) Which brother tried to save Joseph?

Tuesday: Genesis 42: 23-24 – Joseph wept when he heard his brothers’ conversation? Why do you think he wept? Joseph took and bound Simon (the second eldest son), and not Reuben, the eldest son. Why do you think he did that?

Wednesday: Genesis 42:26-28 - – The brothers make an overnight stop on their way back to Canaan and one of them discovers that his sac contains all the money he paid for his grain and they were all afraid. Why were they so afraid?  Who did they think did this to them?

Thursday: Genesis 42: 25,35-36 – The other brothers are now back with Jacob in Canaan and they discover that their sacs contained all the money they had taken to Eqypt for grain. Jacob is now even more afraid to send his youngest son to Egypt with his brothers for food. What reason does he give?

Friday: Genesis 42: 37-38 – Reuben offers his two sons as ‘collateral’ for Benjamin, but Jacob is still not willing to let Benjamin go. What does Jacob mean when he says if Benjamin is hurt “…it would bring my gray hairs with sorrow to sheol”?

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