weekly bible reading     

november 5-10              

God prepares Israel for their journey and provides them with a guide that to direct them. He has them avoiding the Philistines but they will soon have the Egyptians chasing them. You could say God saved Israel from the Philistines and the Egyptians. From the Philistines by leading Israel around them and from the Egyptians when He drowned their army in the Red Sea.    

Sunday: Exodus 13: 14-16 – God was giving Israel a sign for their children. What were they to tell their children?

Monday: Exodus 13:17-18 – Verse 18 tells us the Israelites went out ready for battle. So why in verse 17 did God take them on a path that avoided the Philistines even though there was a more direct shorter route?

Tuesday: Exodus 13:19 – Why did Moses take Josephs’ bones with them? (Note - Gen. 50:25)

Wednesday: Exodus 13:20-22 – What did God send to guide Israel by day? What did He send to guide them by night? How might these bring additional comfort for Israel in the desert climate? 

Thursday: Exodus 14: 1-2 – Why do you think God told Israel to turn back?

Friday: Exodus 14: 3-4 – Once more, God hardens Pharaoh’s heart. What reason does he give for hardening Pharaoh’s heart?